Mario Comes To iOS

So, Super Mario Run. At last, a Mario game for mobile devices. Granted, it pretty much looks like many of the already existing auto-run-side-scrolling-tap-to-jump games but, of course, with the usual Nintendo twist. Players are tasked with helping Mario successfully traverse stages while collecting as many coins as possible. Some seeming diversions from the standard formula are platforms and objects that will make Mario change direction (go “against” the scrolling) and even stop entirely to allow the plumber to avoid certain hazards.

Adding even more flavor is a new indirect versus mode where players can challenge their friends in time trial-esque stages where the player that collects the most coins and performs the most “feats”wins. The rewards seem to be coins and Toads that can be then used to populate and upgrade each player’s version of Mushroom Kingdom.

It looks like a lot of fun and certainly an experience Nintendo has personally handcrafted. I was extremely impressed to see Mario’s very own creator and one of Nintendo’s current leads, Shigeru Miyamoto show up during the Apple Keynote to preview the game. Then again, if Nintendo wants the game to be well marketed, what better platform to unveil it than next to the new iPhone 7 and Apple Watch?

Now, they did mention something that made me momentarily cringe: the game will not be free. However, it does sound like they are going for a set price and will not bug the players with micro transactions. Miyamoto stated that Nintendo is “planning to release the game at a set price so you won’t have to worry about continuing to pay”. Will it be a dollar or will Nintendo venture to charge more, hoping to cash on their fans and reputation? Sadly for me, I will pay anything under five dollars to try out their new game. And I feel very positive that it will be enjoyable. Now, will it be much more enjoyable than other similar titles on the platform? That is what is yet to be known. Super Mario Run is set to release in time for the holidays this year.

Other big Apple news in the Keynote included the Apple Watch “Series Two” and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. All look sleek, run faster and are now water proof!

Fun Fact: The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are certified to be “IP67”. “IP” stands for Ingress Protection. And no, this does not protect you against Niantic Lab’s precursor to Pokémon Go. It is a rating for how protective the casing of an electronic device is against the elements. The first number relates to protection against solid objects while the second number rates protection against liquids.


6 – Totally protected against dust.

7 – Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m.

That should take care of the average dump in the bathtub, or foot spa water; maybe even a quick fall in the pool. Just quickly whip it up above the water and shout “Safe!”.

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