Splatfests are touted as the highest celebration of Inkling culture, pinning two differing opinions against one another and reaching a verdict by which side has the loudest voice and can ink more turf.

With the second post-launch Splatfest running this weekend it feels like a good time to reminisce on the two Splatfests that have already gone down.

The pre-launch Splatfest World Premiered pinned Cake versus Ice Cream.

Cake vs Ice Cream (Pre-launch Splatfest World Premiere)

A week before the launch of Splatoon 2, Switch owners were given the chance to experience the game for free one more time during a four hour Splatfest. The choices? Cake versus Ice Cream. That was my first Splatfest and, although short, it ended up being pretty fun and exhausting as I pretty much played non-stop through most of the four hour period. I sided with Team Cake and gave it my best turfing shot. Shortly after the event closed, the results were announced by Pearl and Marina, the game’s hosts. Ice Cream won both the popular vote and the single queue wins, making it the victorious side. I did not agree with the way they tallied the victor but took the defeat in stride nonetheless. Cake is better, no matter what Inkling-kind says!

The first post-launch Splatfest: Mayo versus Ketchup.

Mayo vs Ketchup (First Post-launch Splatfest)

Just a week after the release of Splatoon 2, the first Splatfest was announced and I got to truly enjoy the “whole process”. For the whole week leading up to the Splatfest, I got to wear my Team Mayo shirt and notice how Inkopolis Square slowly changed in preparation for the event. Then, when the hour of Splatfest finally tolled, the party got started with a full on concert by Off The Hook’s Pearl and Marina. The event surprised players in two ways:

  • One, a never before played stage called Shifty Station was in rotation during the whole twenty four hour period.
  • Two, instead of random ink colors every match, colors were set! Team Mayo had beige white ink. Team Ketchup had an orange tinted red. Yes! Team Mayo painted with mayonnaise and Team Ketchup painted with, well, ketchup! It was such a simple detail but it made the whole experience ten times cooler.
During Mayo vs Ketchup, teams got to paint with their respective condiment.

With a full twenty four hours to participate I was able to break my sessions up a bit better and reached the prestigious max rank of Mayo King, which actually earned me a good chunk of Sea Snails. Also, to my delight, Team Mayo won! Take that, bitter ketchup fans!

This weekend get ready for Flight versus Invisibility. Which is the “better” power?

Flight vs Invisibility (Second Upcoming Splatfest)

Yes, the choices for this weekend are the Power of Flight versus the Power of Invisibility. Funnily enough, I have already had plenty of mental discussions of which powers I would choose given different options so my choice was immediate: Flight! Not that I would mind the power of Invisibility, but the freedom to fly for me would be so much more enjoyable.

My Splatoon time during the week has been a bit limited, mainly because Mario + Rabbids is like zero calorie cake that tastes like heaven and never fills you. But, be sure that come tonight I will gather with my fellow Team Flight Inklings and show Team Invisibility the error of their ways.

I really cannot wait and am curious to see what new sort of surprises this Splatfest might have in store for us. Choose a side, get your shirt and rally with your team. Let the turf decide!

Inkopolis during Splatfests is a real treat with a full-on nighttime concert and light show.

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