Octopath Traveler: Wayfarer’s Edition Unboxing

Months ago, when I went to pre-order Octopath Traveler and the guy offered me the collector’s edition, I just kind of “went with it”. Part of me had a very good feeling about the game and I wanted to show my support. Also, the clerk sounded really excited about it! Anyways, the game launched a couple of days ago and, now that I have a copy in my hands, I have to admit that the Wayfarer’s Edition is a lot more impressive than I anticipated!


Lets start with the fact that the whole book-shaped box came wrapped in a hard plastic sleeve. This will give me a lot more peace of mind if I choose to put the box on display or even carry it around to show friends. Exposed cardboard stresses me! The next great surprise once the box was out of the sleeve was the fact that the box itself stays closed by using a magnetic latch. So, yes, there is no insert tab that will bend and look ugly with time. Actually, everything about the box and its contents seems built for the long term.

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Once open, the first thing that attracted my attention was the popup book. It is attached to the inside of the front cover, nicely kept closed by a separate magnetic latch. And, to my happy surprise, the popup book actually has a “page” for each of the eight characters! Some of them do open more smoothly than others but the overall effect is great and mirrors the game’s artistic approach really well.

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On the right side of the “open book” sits another box-like enclosure. Opening its flap reveals the in-game currency coin on one side and the game’s actual box on the other. On my copy, the area supposed to keep the coin in place had de-glued slightly. This allowed part of the coin to slip “into” the flap. After a little bit of effort, though, I was able to hold the coin in my hand. It felt nice and heavy; quality.

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Under the game’s box, the cloth map and the soundtrack sleeve sat comfortably. The map itself is two sided, featuring the concept art of all the characters in a tavern setting on its backside. It measures about eight by twelve inches, if you are curious, and I definitely plan to frame the map side for display somewhere.

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Lastly, there is the Sound Selections CD, nicely tucked within a cardboard sleeve. I have not had time yet to give it a listen but, with how good the game’s music is turning out to be, I am really excited to add it to my music library!



The collector’s edition was definitely pricey at a $100 but I am very happy with the contents and, especially, the quality. It is clear that as much attention to detail went into this special edition as it did for the game itself. It is also very well themed. Somehow through the unboxing, I felt like I was already taking my first steps into the game. Maybe it was the coin or getting to peek at a scene from each character’s story in glorious 3D carboard. Maybe I just got engrossed looking at the map. Regardless, the Wayfarer’s Edition feels like a complement to the game itself and not just a collection of cool themed trinkets (although they are cool, and trinkety). There are at least two items that I plan to put on display which I consider a win.

Oh, and seriously, kudos to whoever came up with the idea of the popup book! Sheer brilliance!

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